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Featuring Alaska's BEST artisans & craftsmen - , clothing, furniture, gifts, and so much more!
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Alaska grown at its very best. Looking for locally grown veggies, fruit, meat, or milk? 
We've got you covered! 

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Need a service? We've got you covered! Support one of these incredible small businesses that are 100% Alaskan-owned.


Products proudly created by Alaskan artisans and craftsmen. 

These creators are incredibly hard-working and talented artisans and craftsmen who are committed to supporting their families and communities through their small businesses. 


As fellow farmers, we are staunch supporters of Alaska agriculture. 

From local dairies to meat production to fruit and veggie farmers, you can find some of the best names in the business on our pages. 

Food security is very dear to us. ( We really like to eat.) We understand that by supporting our local food producers, we are taking vital steps toward food security and even food independence. 


Taking Alaskan products and turning them into incredible products takes imagination, skill, and determination. 

The salves, jams, sauces, soaps, and other products are not only top-quality, but they also represent how Alaskans can create incredible products to meet the needs of Alaskans using local items. 

Why support Alaskan businesses instead of buying online?

Living in Alaska is awe-inspiring for sure. We have incredible and unique opportunities that are rare in the rest of the world. 

Our pristine air, crystal clear waters, and unpolluted forests are unprecedented but living in Alaska also brings its challenges. 

Being so far removed from the rest of the states, and being separated by a country, can leave us vulnerable at worst but at best, it makes purchasing and shipping cost both time and money. 

Owning a small farm in Alaska has given us the opportunity to meet people doing incredible things right here in Alaska and it struck me that many, many of our needs can be met locally, right here in Alaska. 

So I started scouring Instagram and attending shows to find the best of the best local artisans, craftsmen, and producers with the vision to somehow get these local, small-business owners in one place so Alaskans can source locally as much as possible. 

The vision behind Sourced:AK is to connect Alaska's very best artisans, craftsmen, and producers to local buyers to connect families and communities in a tangible, meaningful way. 


Learning as we go...

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